Thursday, July 06, 2006

Software Transparency

Transparency has been, for long, a general requirement for democratic societies. The right to be informed and to have access to the information has been an important issue on modern societies.

People want to be informed in a proper way. As such, transparency is a well regard characteristic for organizations.

However, as software permeates several aspects of our society, at some point in the future, software engineers will need to deal with yet another demand: transparency. In such foreseen environment, engineers will need to have methods, techniques and tools to help make transparent software.

I am starting to work on the idea of software transparency. If you may: look at your browser under view and and under view code, this is an initial idea towards the big challenge that lies ahed: how to make transparent software. I will soon post a more detailed note about the topic.

If you are also interesed on that, drop a comment.

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