Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I have a blog at wordpress.com with the same objective as this one: share some of my views about software engineering in general. There, I use Portuguese. I may post similar observations on the two, but there is no aim to completley mirror each other.

My first observation is the role of google as my extended memory and of delicious as my meta memory.

I recently have found delicious and believe it may be a way of constructing an ontology by the masses. I also have noticed that delicious has a way of directing the construction of consensus by using the principle of a cow-path, that is, the most used path is the best candidate to be the paved path.

Delicious may be a great undertaking by people in building a shared ontology. Let´s see.

Interesting that my observation has a similar understanding by others. Yesterday, I read the last IEEE Spectrum. Amazing,! I found the following article, Folk Wisdom , by Paul McFedries , which address the same issue.

I am curious to see how delicious will evolve, and how the data it collects will be used. It may turn out to be the next google.

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